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Columbia River Fishing Report 03-27-2018

WDFW Fishing Rule Change


Steelhead daily limit increases on the Columbia River at the lower Hanford Reach, and Ringold bank fishery


Area 1: Columbia River from Hwy.395 Bridge at Pasco to the old Hanford townsite wooden powerline towers:

Effective date: Immediately through March 31, 2018

Daily limit: Two (2) hatchery steelhead

Area 2: Ringold area bank fishery

Effective date: Immediately through April 15, 2018

Daily limit: Two (2) hatchery steelhead

Reason for action: The 2017-18 Hanford Reach steelhead fishery daily limit was reduced to one fish to ensure that the Ringold Springs Hatchery would meet the 2018 broodstock collection objective. That objective was achieved March 26, so the daily limit can be increased to two hatchery steelhead for the remainder of the season.
Other Information: The boat (and bank) fishery from the Hwy. 395 Bridge to the wooden powerline towers closes March 31. The “bank only” fishery adjacent to the Ringold Springs Hatchery and described on Page 54 in the 2017-18 Sport Fishing Rules pamphlet continues through April 15.
WDFW Information contacts: Paul Hoffarth, District 4 Fish Biologist, (509) 545-2284 (Pasco) or John Easterbrooks, Regional Fish Program






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